Down & Dirty

Decided to blog about my frustrations right now instead of journaling about it or continuing to rant at a couple of friends. Can I be PMSing already? I wish I kept better track of my cycles…

So I woke up pretty motivated after deciding to do two 5Ks in August: The Color Run and Dirty Girl. Ok, it’s been a combination of motivation and kicking myself for committing. I was feeling pretty good until I got to work and was greeted by some co-worker issues. I won’t go into them here but I was pretty fucking mad. I did write about that in my journal because I felt like my head was going to explode. Yeah, I’m a easily moved to emotional extremes today – gonna have to continue to be mindful.

I had some great moments, too. There are several of my co-worker friends who are pumped about doing Dirty Girl with me and TJ so that’s awesome! My happy feelings about that were dumped when I got, what I felt was, a rude email from someone in regard to my other life as a podcaster/reviewer/webmistress. I fired off a not so nice reply and then chatted with my podcasting partner about it and I think I over reacted. She assured me that my email was fine but I think it was still maybe a bit too terse. Thank goodness I didn’t send any of the previous 5 versions.

I’m feeling a bit better after writing it all out but I can still feel that my cheeks are flushed and there’s a tightness on the top of my head. Time for some classical music, I think. And no replying to emails or answering the phone until tomorrow.

Now the challenge will be to stay booze free tonight. Relaxing and shutting my mind off from thinking about the things that bother me has always been difficult for me. Anyone have some good tips or tricks?

2 thoughts on “Down & Dirty

  • March 21, 2013 at 3:14 pm

    Sorry to hear about the bad day. The best way that I’ve found to deal with difficult people is to not let them take up residence in my head. Maybe a walk around the neighborhood after dinner would help? Here’s a virtual hug as well. You rock!

  • March 21, 2013 at 4:53 pm

    Yeah, what Bev said plus take care of a little business. Seriously, an orgasm is a great tension reliever and mood adjuster.

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