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journalI’ve been pretty consistent in the timing of the complete loss of my motivation when it comes to living a more healthy lifestyle. I’m usually good for two weeks. I did a little better than that with my YMCA trips but once the streak was broken due to life getting in the way, getting back to it seemed impossible.

I’ve gotten a chance to know a super sweet, highly motivating woman who I turned to for help. Her name is Bev Prescott and she’s just about the nicest damn person I’ve met and she’s got some good advice. I’ve tried to use the “I’m really busy and don’t have much free time so, you know, it’s hard” excuse but she’s a lawyer and an author and does loads of other shit so it’s tough to pull that one. She’s been on the podcast I co-host four times now to talk about health and wellness (and once to talk about her new book) and each time I talk with her or listen to the recordings, I’m all sorts of motivated.

On the last podcast, she gave some good advice on how to lay down a road map to get, and stay, motivated. The photo in this post is part of that plan. I’ll be packing that journal around with me to help me stay focused on what’s important. Today I wrote down some of the reasons that I want to get healthy and some of the ways that I’m going to take action to get that way. I know that I’ll add to those and incorporate more things into my journal and I’m looking forward to that.

I need to be sure not to over do it right away because I’ll fail that way. One day at a time, but with a plan. And I’ve got some friends to help me when I stumble so that’s good. If you’re interested in checking out Bev’s blog – she’s always got something uplifting going on there – it’s My friend Nikki also posted about wanting to get started on a path to being healthy, too, and you can see that here: If you want to listen to the podcasts with Bev, you can do that here: Yeah, I know, I’m all about the links and sharing and whatnot.

I know I won’t have my Gab Abs by the end of June but I’m thinking I’ll be feeling better about myself, at the very least.

3 thoughts on “My Little Brown Journal

  • March 18, 2013 at 4:50 am

    I wish you a healthy journey. If you stumble here and there, get up, call it a flesh wound and keep moving on. Have a great week, Rev. Looking forward to chatting about the “go-to healthy foods” next time we talk.

  • March 18, 2013 at 7:27 am

    Thanks Bev – I’ll keep plenty of bandages around for those scrapes and flesh wounds.

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