It’s Not Unusual

I’ve been doing great with my mindful eating and drinking and staying under my max recommended caloric intake. I’ve not been hungry and still able to enjoy a small snack in the evening. Honestly, I’ve been feeling great about how I’ve been sticking with my program.

So now I’ve hit my first period of gaining a little bit back, even though I’m tracking everything I eat and drink and have been doing some physical activity. I know this happens and it’s not unusual so I’m trying not to let it bug me. I’m feeling a difference in my body and that’s what’s important. I’m still motivated and it even seems that I’m a small source of motivation for TJ and that’s not something that happens. YAY!

One other thing that I’m feeling proud of is that I’ve been making more healthy meals and trying some new recipes. The best part is that we’ve liked them all, so far. Even the kid tasted them and gave the “so-so” hand signal. I count that as a success.

Here’s my motivational picture of the day.


Comment if you want. You know, no pressure.

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