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I know that I’ve posted about the issues I have with working in Cubelandia but the woman that recently moved into the cube on the other side of mine is going to push me into postal behavior. 

First off, she talks to herself constantly. And what makes it worse is that her name is Sherry, so it’s even more distracting. It’s not the normal talking to yourself voice that she uses, either. She talks to herself so loudly that anyone would think she’s actually talking to someone two or three cubes away.

Then there are her telephone conversations, many of which are of a personal nature. For instance, this morning I was forced to listen to a story about some woman who had promised to dance on her front lawn, naked, once her house was paid off. Apparently, the house will be free and clear in the near future and she’s concerned that she’ll actually have to fulfill her promise. Then there’s the man who lives across the street from her who is waiting patiently for said dance and shows his enthusiasm by mooning her.

I suppose I’ll have to deal with it since I’m not going anywhere and it appears that she’s not going anywhere. Well, not until January when she and a group of others, who were all listed out individually for a minute or more, will be heading to a resort in Mexico. My vacation from her will only be a week. I hope I can hold out until then.

Oh, I also went to high school with this woman. It was my final high school. I remember her name but, like the vast majority of people I knew before I joined the Marines, I wouldn’t be able to pick her out of a crowd. She apparently doesn’t remember me, either. I only went to school in the mornings and worked in the afternoons. I graduated a half year early so I don’t think many people would remember me. I’m ok with that.

Ok, sorry about that final paragraph. Went off on a tangent a bit.

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  • June 21, 2007 at 7:08 pm

    Next time she starts talking to herself, tell me. I’ll start talking to myself, only louder, to drown her out. That, or I can just start singing more Disney songs, your choice. 🙂

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