I’m Engaged!

I got an award at work for being engaged. It’s not as hokey as it sounds, really. What makes it a nice thing to get is that the recognition is given by my coworkers for any number reason. You can be recognized for doing a lot of community service, motivating others, going out of your way to help others, stuff like that.

I got mine from a woman who I don’t always get along with – another woman who thinks she knows better than others and can be a bit abrasive. Yeah, no idea why we don’t get along well…  Anyway, she’s been needing some assistance with various projects and I’m usually pretty happy to help out. So I got the award and it made me feel nice. It’s a traveling type thing so it’s already parked on someone else’s desk.

I went to the YMCA on Monday without Erin because she forgot about it and scheduled some work to be done on her car that night. We then planned for Wednesday. But her dad ended up in the hospital so we didn’t go. I was going to go on my own but decided to spend the evening vacuuming and hanging out with TJ (Micah was away at camp that night). We’re scheduled to go tonight. I’ll be going no matter what. I very much enjoyed myself on Monday. I’m still battling with motivation regarding food choices but I’ll blame that on PMS and stress related to TJ’s job.

Comment if you want. You know, no pressure.

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