So Sleepy

I was going to blog yesterday but didn’t get around to it. I thought about it so that counts for something, right?

I was feeling great yesterday until about 1pm. I felt myself getting irritable and stressed out. I sat back and tried to figure out what was going on but I didn’t have any pressing projects and no one was bugging me so there was no reason for me to feel anxious or upset. Then it hit me – I was exhausted.

The night before was spent tossing and turning and fighting for space with the dog. I know what you’re saying, “kick the damn dog off the bed!” And normally, I’d agree with you. This particular dog doesn’t move when kicked or shoved. If he’s locked out, he barks and/or howls. It’s usually easier just to adjust my body and get on with sleeping. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get comfortable. The situation was made worse by my wife’s inability to sleep so we both moved all over the place and neither of us finding a good position for sleep. The only solid sleep being had in our room that night was enjoyed by the dogs. I hate them.

One thought on “So Sleepy

  • January 5, 2012 at 9:46 pm

    You don’t hate them… 😉

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