Natural Born Killer

Dirty Face

I read the first few chapters of the knitting book but when I got to the point when I needed to pick up the needles and cast on (or is it cast off, I don’t remember) I was too tired. And there was something good on TV. I haven’t picked it up again. But I will. Soon. Especially since Nic has demanded some homemade creation for his offspring. I’m thinking a small scarf. Or a cord to anchor a pacifier to a button hole. You know, something long and easy.

In my quest to avoid my new hobby, if you can call it that, I played WoW all weekend. I have to say it was very relaxing and I was quite successful in my battles. Yep, I had something like 57 honorable kills. Don’t fuck with me or I’ll hit you with some serious arrow action and sic my big wolf, Fergus, on your ass. Don’t fuck with Fergus either. He’s bad ass. Just like me. Oh yeah – I’m full of it tonight.

I just put Micah down for the night. Read six books and kissed and tickled him until I thought he would pass out from laughing so hard. I surely do like him a lot.

Comment if you want. You know, no pressure.

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