Stess, Stress, Stress

I have stress issues. They go along nicely with my control issues. Learning to pause and think things through before reacting is one of my major stumbling blocks. I had gotten pretty good at doing that years ago but, slowly, my grasp on calm slipped away. I’m going to be working on that again.

My old standby phrase to help with getting control over my stress and anger was “will this really matter in 10 years?” and, most of the time, whatever was bothering me wouldn’t matter.

To help me in my quest to find calm, my lovely wife got me a super cool stress ball. It’s one of the Infectious Disease Stress Balls from I got the Bubonic Plague one. Here’s a video of them in action:

One thought on “Stess, Stress, Stress

  • January 3, 2012 at 2:18 pm

    The stress ball has met an untimely end. Damn dog nearly puctured it in two spots when he stole it from the table when I wasn’t looking. One of those spots errupted mid-squeeze a few minutes ago. Me = Sad. 🙁

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