First Goal Achieved! (Just a Little Late)

RIP Mimi - one of Dusty's early victims

I blame my failure to meet my first goal (165 by 11/18) on not having a battery for my scale. I had to take the word of my Wii. I had been doing my weight tracking via Wii Fit Plus and that made me guestimate how much my clothes weighed. I’m not very good at guessing weights – or most distances, as is demonstrated by the regular bruising on my arms and hips from running into walls – so who knows what I really weighed?

Granted, the morning of the 18th, I went down to the basement and stripped naked to weigh in. I still think it lied. But I declared myself a failure and moved on. I also moved on from Wii Fit Plus to The Biggest Loser Challenge for Wii. And, holy shit, did it kick my ass. I switched Thursday night and used it again on Friday night. Wow, what a workout. I took the weekend off and was back at it, along with 30 minutes on the treadmill, tonight. Feeling good!

So, back to my scale story. I finally made it to Walgreens (the grocery store doesn’t carry that particular battery) and got one. I was so very happy to see 165.2 when I got out of the shower this morning! YAY! I’m still moderately motivated and doing a very good job of being mindful of what I’m eating and drinking. I also think I’m noticing a slight difference in my body. I could be wrong but I think so.

So there’s the weight loss update. Let’s see… What else is going on? Mr. Dusty Destructo Fuller has finished his second week at beginner obedience school. I’m proud to say that he’s quite the star pupil. He was used as an example during one of the exercises on “wait.” No, not as an example of what NOT to do. Smart asses. He did a great job!

Other than that, nothing else I really want to talk about. So there you go! I’m sure I’ll be checking in again before Thanksgiving. Which will be held here, at our house, for a few family members. I’m planning on cooking and watching football. And eating modest portions and not drinking too much. Yep, that’s the plan!

Comment if you want. You know, no pressure.

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