Macbook Air, Here I Come!

On 11/7, my dear friend, Iman, challenged me to lose 20 pounds by the end of the year. She’s doing the same challenge with another friend of hers so I figured, why not? I’ve been needing some motivation to get up off my fat ass and do something about my expanding waist and thighs. So I took her up on the challenge and am well on my way.

Something I’ve not been good at doing on my long running weight loss journey is goal setting. Keeping this in mind, I sat down and mapped out goals that should take me all the way to my final weight goal – 135 pounds. I started this challenge at just a touch under 172. That’s the most I’ve ever weighed. At least, it’s the most I’ve ever seen on a scale. It was tough to see that number. I’m only 5′ 5″ so that’s a lot. Most of my weight sits in my back, stomach, and hips and thighs. I’m no where near where I want to be. But I’m motivated to get there. I’ve got goals written down and have been working out and watching my food intake. I’m not going crazy with a diet, per se, but am watching portions and have cut out candy, chips, and fast food.

The best part of this is that TJ has promised to get me a new Macbook Air if I hit my ultimate goal by the date I’ve selected. That’s on my next birthday, so I’ve got until the end of August to drop 35 lbs. It’s totally doable!

I’ve decided to post about what I’m doing here. I think it’ll help keep me accountable and motivated. So I’m going to post my goals here, too. I was over my first goal, which was to hit 165 by today. I weighed in this morning and was nearly 2 lbs over my goal. I’m not going to beat myself up about it. I’m PMSing, which may cause some bloating, and I’ve been working out 10 days out of the last 11 so there may be some shifting in my body because of that. We’ll see where I am on the next deadline.

Here are my short term weight goals:

  • 165 lbs by 11/18/11
  • 160 lbs by 11/30/11
  • 155 lbs by 12/15/11
  • 150 lbs by 12/29/11 (Iman challenge deadline)
  • 145 lbs by 2/28/12
  • 140 lbs by 4/30/12
  • 135 lbs by 8/28/12

I’m giving myself a lot more time between goals later on because I think it’s going to be tough to drop those last few pounds. We’ll see how it goes!

Comment if you want. You know, no pressure.

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