Hectic Morning

This morning started out with my alarm either not going off or me shutting it off without knowing it. I’m going to go with it not going off at all because that makes me less responsible for the chain of events that followed.

My son has been going to YMCA day camp this week and catches a bus about 20 minutes from home. He takes this bus because his cousins also take the bus and it’s fun for him. This morning, however, we didn’t have time to get dressed and get him there. I was certain that I had read about another bus stop at a local YMCA, closer to our house, that leaves at 7:45. YAY! Now I’m sure we can make that one, so I rush to get ready, forgetting to put the calming solution on my hair so I’m a bit frizzed today, and we get to the YMCA by our house with 10 minutes to spare.

But, alas, I must have not read the bus schedule closely enough because there was no bus. We were alright with the situation, my son and I, and we headed out to the highway to drive directly to camp.

This camp offers an opportunity for the Day Campers to spend a night along with the Overnight Campers. Tonight is that night.  Last night, I had already been emotional about him being away from home and nearly shed a tear or two and I was feeling a bit choked up while driving to camp with him this morning. I know, deep down, that he’ll be fine but I still worry.

We got to the camp just as the bus he would have caught arrived. He was thrilled that he hadn’t missed any of the fun activities. I handed him his sleeping bag, helped him put his backpack on, and kissed him goodbye. I’m so happy he’s not old enough to be embarrassed by my affection yet.

I’ll miss that little guy tonight, but I plan to enjoy the quiet.

One thought on “Hectic Morning

  • June 24, 2011 at 9:39 am

    Well, there goes the mother-of-the year trophy… 😉

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