Get Off the Damn Couch!


Dusty Blue (aka Destructo) is still adjusting to his new home. Well, actually, it’s the rest of us who are still adjusting. He seems perfectly at home – as you can see from the pic.

He’s honestly getting much better. We have learned that we have to remove everything we can from his reach, which is a much larger area than one would assume, before we can leave the house. He has broken more dishes, eaten more cords, knocked over more plants and furniture, and chewed up more books than I would like to mention. As a matter of fact, Micah and I are off to the library shortly to replace one of said books. Bastard dog.

I’ll give him one thing, though. He is quite possibly the most sweet and loving dog we’ve ever had. He is truly a pack minded animal. If he can, he will get right on top of one of his people, regardless of their discomfort. I just wish he’d find a source of income to assist us in replacing all of the stuff he’s destroyed.

One thought on “Get Off the Damn Couch!

  • February 17, 2012 at 11:45 am

    Holy shit. You might have one of my dogs. Taz the Spaz. Or Sir Razmataz. The most destructive dog I have ever owned (for the first few years I had him). And, without a doubt, the most cuddly, sweetest dog ever. If only he wasn’t a pain in the ass on his leash…

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