Busy Busy Busy

Yes, it was a busy few days but my work week is OVER! TJ and I took off tomorrow in commemoration of our anniversary. And because we could. Not sure what we’ll end up doing but I’m certain it will involve relaxing.

I plan to sleep in. Of course, I plan to do that a lot but usually end up out of bed before the sun rises anyway. I’ve turned into a very light sleeper over the past few years. I think it started when we had Micah. I still wake up at the slightest noise from him. Well, the noises I can hear over TJ’s snoring, that is. It’s not that bad. Usually.

We lost our home phone, internet, and cable television last Saturday through Monday. That’s right, there were NFL wildcard playoff games going on and we had no TV. How mad was TJ, you ask? Raging mad. I finally remembered mid-way through the last game of the day on Sunday (the Packers’ game) that I still had the converter box so I hooked up the rabbit ears and we watched the last half of the game. I’m wondering now if I even needed that box or if I could have just hooked up the antenna directly to the TV… hmmm.

AT&T is trying to tell us that it simply a coincidence that our neighbors were having U-Verse installed at the same time ours went down. No reason why we should tie needing to have a splicer guy come out to reattach something on the same pole that the other splicer guy was working on while hooking up the neighbors. Nah, nothing suspicious there. Bastards. I missed an entire weekend of free Showtime!

Alright, it’s time to cuddle up and watch some American Dad. I’m so happy that we moved from about 15 channels to over 100 because now we’ve gained Cartoon Network. It’s actually the only channel we ever watch, unless football is on. We can watch up to an hour of American Dad and an hour of Family Guy each night, if we want. We never actually watch that much, but we can.

Comment if you want. You know, no pressure.

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