Christmas Recap

I’ve been negligent in my writing for quite awhile now. I just don’t know what to write about. The muse has not been upon me. Work is work, TJ and I are doing well, Micah is healthy, smart, and happy, and there’s not been enough drama in our lives to merit a post.

The lives of my friends have been much more eventful, whether for good or bad, but I’m not at liberty to publicly discuss much of that. Mostly, I feel blessed and lucky for what I have. I know things could be better for us, but they could also be much worse. We have our health, a home, and, most of all, we have love and each other.

I’ll give you a brief recap of the past few weeks. Holiday cards never made it out of our house; never even printed any out. I’m ok with that. I feel a little bad, but not much. We’ll do better next year. Or we won’t. Either way, it’s alright.

Christmas was good and Micah had a great time. The 23rd we went over to my Uncle Jeff’s house and got a chance to see some of my aunts and uncles and cousins, along with their partners and kids. We carpooled with Chuck, Molly, Dillon, and Rose. We stayed much longer than we had planned and had a good time. Micah and Rose chased each other around the house while the bigger kids hung out another room with a huge television. I just love watching Rose and Micah together. They are two peas in a pod.

The Christmas Eve festivities were at my parents’ house, which is becoming the tradition. We met earlier this year and had dinner. The younger kids sat at the table while the majority of the adults stood around the kitchen holding their plates and watching the little ones. Gift opening was a bit insane with the kids ripping into present after present. Chuck and Molly gave all of the kids Ethiopian crosses, which they brought back when they picked up Rose. I was so proud of Micah for not ripping his off of his neck. He felt very special.

The day of Christmas, we decided to stay home and relax. Micah spent an hour or so opening up his goodies from Santa, which consisted of Matchbox cars, Bob the Builder vehicles/equipment, and some Tonka Town trucks. He’s all about the cars, trucks, and trains. Grandma & Grandpa gave him a motorized Thomas the Tank Engine set that has taken up the last space in the basement. Now I have nowhere to shoot baskets with his Little Tikes hoop. Damn kid and his toys. What about his toys that I want to play with, huh?

I’ll post again soon.

Comment if you want. You know, no pressure.

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