Ahhhh, Vacation

Micah Pool
Having fun on a hot day

We’re enjoying our week off. It’s just about halfway through and we’re all pretty relaxed and feeling good. Lots of family togetherness time. But not too much so that we’re ready to harm each other yet.

Sunday when I asked Micah what he wanted to do for the day – he gets to have first say since it’s his summer vacation and that’s how it should be – he asked that we set up his pool in the backyard. TJ went out to pick up a pool for Micah’s birthday party a couple years ago. I figured she’d come back with something a few feet wide that the kids could splash around in but nothing major. Well, I was wrong. She, instead, returned home with a pool that made me happy that we have a large backyard. But Micah loves it so I guess it’s all good. And it was on sale so, really, what was she supposed to do?

So it’s just a bit after 7am and I’m updating my phone and iPad and goofing off on the laptop while drinking coffee. The house is still completely quiet but it won’t last long. I’m going to enjoy it.

Micah sliding
Micah going down the slide

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