Well, Hello!

I’ve been thoroughly unmotivated to post anything here for many months. Nearly took it down several times, but one of my most active email accounts is connected to it so I didn’t.

So, what’s new with me? Hmmm, well, not a whole lot, I suppose. Work is work. TJ’s job still sucks and she works way too many hours at incredibly inconvenient times. But we’re both employed with good paying jobs and some modicum of security.

Micah is happy, healthy, and onery. He’s doing very well in school and moves into the first grade in the fall. He’s reading, writing, and doing math that I don’t think was taught to me until around the 3rd grade – multiplication, division, and fractions. And he knows more about US and world geography than I do. It sucks knowning that I’ll have to turn to the internet to help him with his homework before he’s out of elementary school. Good for him, though.

For fun, I’ve been reading and playing with the iPad. Her name is Max. Max iPad. TJ has one, too but I don’t think she’s named hers yet. Micah is patiently waiting for his. Hope he’s REALLY patient. I sold my Sony ereader and now use the iPad for all of that. The organization capabilities are much lower than the Sony but I’m happy with most everything else.

As far as the rest of the family goes, I guess everything is alright. I mean, there’s some major illnesses in my extended family. My Aunt Jan has been kicking her cancer’s ass, which is fantastic! But my cousin husband has been diagnosed with cancer as well so that is not fantastic in any way. My cousin is having an understandably hard time of it. And there’s nothing that anyone can say that will make it better.

I don’t remember if I posted anything about my father or not but we’ve been back in touch after 20 years. We’re planning to head down to Chicago once the weather gets warmer so we’ll be able to see him and spend some time getting to know each other. Micah’s pretty excited about riding the trains with Grandpa Mike. I also want to take him to the Field Museum. So we’re probably talking more than one trip, but that’s not a bad thing.

Well, I think that’s going to be it for now. I hope everyone is well and getting geared up for better weather. Take care!

Comment if you want. You know, no pressure.

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