Cheri and Beth Talk about Stuff

Beth’s Gmail status =  stevie b/expose/lisa lisa on the pandora

1:49 PM me: so many flashbacks happening at once is making me dizzy
1:50 PM Elizabeth: are you on rollerskates on any of these flashbacks?
  it’s ok if you’re not
1:51 PM me: no, I’m in okinawa in a drunken state
 Elizabeth: that’s kind of like being on rollerskates, right?
 me: sort of – I was driving during some of them. So like really, really big motorized skates
1:52 PM Elizabeth: i just created this pandora station, and i’m wondering why it’s taken me so long to do such a thing.
 me: I have several – Love pandora!
1:53 PM Elizabeth: i start out with one or two artists, and i start to add things and the stations never end up what i intend them to.
  it’s quite an artform, creating the pandora stations.
 me: you could be a pandora station consultant and hire yourself out on Craig’s list
1:54 PM Elizabeth: you are full of excellent ideas.
 me: just have no ambition to do any of them
  but I give them freely
1:55 PM Elizabeth: i want to live in a world where people pay me money to tell them that it is pointless to create a seperate new order and depeche mode station.
 me: we do – people will pay you for anything!
  if you want, you could do a short video tutorial and we’ll include it in the next Off Topic
  which will be taped on Friday 1/22
1:56 PM Elizabeth: i have terrible follow through too. i’d say that i will, but in all actuality it won’t get done
 me: we’re a match made in purgatory
  that’s the place where you just hang around, right?
1:58 PM Elizabeth: i’m not catholic, nor have i ever been. so i think that’s what purgatory is…but i don’t know. i think that sounds wonderful. i would like to not make a decision for eternity.
 me: now that would be heaven.
1:59 PM Elizabeth: we sound like a comedy routine
2:00 PM me: we could publish our chats
2:01 PM that doesn’t seem like too much work
2:02 PM Elizabeth: i wonder if the domain name is taken?
2:04 PM me: I could put it on c-spot.
  And now, another installment of Cheri and Beth Talk about Stuff…
2:05 PM Elizabeth: then we’d have to talk more often, seeings that we’d definitely have a following of rabid fans eager to hang on our every clever word.
 me: there’s a lot of pressure involved.
2:06 PM I don’t know if either of us is up to that type of comittment.
  should I post this one and see where it takes us?
  I’ve been looking for a reason to keep c-spot up and running.
2:07 PM Elizabeth: yeah. post it. and if you have any of our previous chats that you deem to be hilarious, post those too.
 me: I’ll take a peek.

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