Welcome 2010

I’v got a good feeling about this year. Not sure why, really. Maybe I’m feeling pretty good in general and am projecting. I’m sure it has a lot to do with the fact that I’ve been off of work for a week and still have the weekend coming.

Erin and I were chatting the other day, she had this week off, too. She commented that those people who say that they would never be happy not working were full of shit. I wholeheartedly agree. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my time than reading, relaxing, taking care of my family, volunteering where and when I like, and just having time to think and to be.

Maybe one of us will buy a lottery ticket or two and get lucky. I really don’t want to wait until I retire. While time does go by quickly, I don’t want to wait that long. And since all of the non-work related hobbies I have won’t produce any money, I won’t have much luck there, either. Although, my google ads on the various blogspot sites I run have earned me a whopping two cents the last couple of days of 2009 so maybe there’s hope yet! Except whatever I get from that is going to Chuck for his work on a new site we’re working on. Which will also not bring in any money. Damn! I need more profitable hobbies!

Time to start entering all my Magic: The Gathering trading cards into a database and find out if they’re worth enough to support the family. Wish me luck!

Comment if you want. You know, no pressure.

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