Happy Halloween

This halloween finds my family going to a costume-optional wedding. Taking our cue from Molly, we’re doing a 50’s theme. TJ will be sporting her lovely pink poodle skirt that Molly made for the ocassion and Micah and I will be Greasers. Wearing jeans, t-shirts, and high-top black Converse will make this the most comfortable wedding I’ve ever attended. Thank you Beth & Nic!

Micah gets to wear two costumes today because he desperately wanted to be Batman. So TJ’s going to take him out trick or treating for a bit as Batman and then come home and get him into his Greaser gear.

I’ve got to sign off for now, though, because we’ve got a pumpkin to carve up.

Hope you have a happy and scary halloween! And don’t forget to move your clocks back tonight. An extra hour for partying – whoo hoo!

Comment if you want. You know, no pressure.

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