BC #8 – originally posted 3/11/04

Ok, so now we’re in our 30th week. For those of you who know about pregnancy, you know that we have only 10 weeks to go. Yes, it’s officially the beginning of “Freak-Out Time.” Mommy and I have been frantically searching for a house for the past few months to no avail. We’ve got an offer in on one right now and will hopefully hear about that today. We didn’t get the first two that we fell in love with. I’m a bit more guarded now. I refuse to give myself totally to this house until I know if I get to live there or not.

The pregnancy is going very well. TJ has a hard time bending over and she hasn’t seen her feet in quite awhile. Another day or two and I’ll be putting her socks and shoes on for her. But I don’t mind. The deal was for her to take care of the baby while she’s pregnant and I’ll take care of her. She’s gotten pretty good at allowing me to help her when she’s feeling tired and achy. Actually, she’s gotten pretty good at voicing her opinion on just about everything. Mostly it’s great. Mostly. My parents love the new outspoken Terri.

Baby Boy Fuller is kicking hard and moving about much of the time. It’s great to watch him punching and kicking and doing flips. I think this kid’s going to be a handful. Luckily, the puppy is well on her way to being trained. I think a baby and a puppy would be too much to handle if both of them needed constant supervision.

Our baby shower is scheduled for the beginning of next month and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone. We don’t get to do much socializing anymore. We have lots of opportunities, but little time and energy. I suppose it doesn’t help that we’re usually in bed by 7:30 each night. It’s the most comfortable place in the house. Even when we’re not in bed or searching for a home, we can’t spend much time in bars. The smell of cigarette smoke makes TJ and the baby sick. I think we’ll be missing lots of events over the next few years. But it’s a tiny price to pay to have the baby we’ve always dreamed of.

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