BC #5 – originally posted 11/12/03

It’s been awhile since my last update and our lives have been action-packed. Like everyone else, we’ve had our ups and downs. On the down side, TJ maternal grandmother, Grammy, passed away on October 30th. We also lost our beloved daughter, Anja. Ajna was TJ’s 13-year-old German Shepherd. This dog was truly TJ’s best friend and as difficult as it was, she had to honor that commitment and release Anja from her daily pain. She is intensely missed and our home feels much emptier without her.

On the lighter side, our Halloween costume party was a success. We had a house full of people – including the Pope – and everyone seemed to have a great time.

Even though there was great sadness involved in the passing of Grammy, the occasion of the funeral gave TJ an opportunity to reconnect with some of her family. I was highly intimidated by how many relatives were at her Aunt Peggy’s house the evening before the funeral. They all seemed thrilled that Terri Jean made it home, and I was welcomed with open arms – literally.

While I was overwhelmed by so many people that I didn’t know, TJ was overwhelmed by emotion and spent the great majority of two days crying. She planned on telling her mom and her brothers about the baby – and us. We suspected that they all knew that we haven’t been just “roommates” for all these years, confession is still unnerving. To follow that news with being pregnant just seemed to be too much for TJ.

Everyone reacted positively and, hopefully, they will become closer now that TJ can communicate more honestly with her brothers and mother. There’s still her father and one brother left to tell, but that will be easier because it will be over the phone.

I think the best thing that has happened since the last entry has to be being able to hear the baby’s heartbeat. It made this abstract idea so much more real. We’ve been watching TJ’s belly begin to expand but it’s still difficult to remember that there’s a tiny person living inside her. But there really is – we heard him or her in there! It was just incredible. I am so truly grateful for this tiny miracle growing inside the woman I love. What greater gift could I have been given?

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