BC #3 – originally posted 10/13/03

Whoever coined the term “morning sickness” was horribly mistaken. What TJ has is “all-day sickness.” It never seems to let up. No matter what she tries to eat or drink, the queasiness is there as soon as she’s awake enough to realize it.

I’ve spoken to all the mothers that I can find and read articles looking for either a cure or something that will at least let her function on a daily basis. So far, nothing seems to work. She’s tried eating saltines before she gets out of bed, drinking tea, drinking white soda, eating bread, pasta, just about anything you could think of. We’re still taking recommendations of any sort – anything to bring some relief.

Most people I’ve spoken to say that it will get much better after the first trimester is over. Some, however, say that they felt the same way from the beginning to the very end. I don’t see how anyone could get through it. Maybe it’s preparing her for the trials of motherhood. We’ve decided that after the baby’s born, TJ’s just going to poke it all the time as payback.

I had started thinking that perhaps I’ll want to carry a child sometime in the near future. I’m done with those thoughts now. I get so excited reading the baby journal everyday and wish that I could experience feeling a little human growing inside of me. I think I’ll just feel the baby from the outside of TJ’s stomach. I whine to my mommy when I get a cold, I couldn’t imagine the amount of whining and moaning if I had to go through what TJ goes through on a daily basis.

Comment if you want. You know, no pressure.

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