Tempus Fugit

Yes, time flies. Not that I’ve been having a tremendous amount of fun, but it’s not been bad. Emotionally and mentally I’m feeling good. I don’t feel crazy anymore, which is always a plus. And I’m pretty sure everyone I work with and my family is pretty happy about that, too. Not to say that I’m discounting some of the things I’ve experienced wtih some of my family members or friends, but I’m trying to move forward and not get bogged down. Cryptic? Maybe, but that’s ok sometimes.

TJ and I are both waiting to find out how much longer we’ll have our jobs. Her company was bought out by another, larger company that does the same thing hers does, only on a bigger scale. Pretty certain there will be massive layoffs. We were hoping that she’d be spared but now that she’s moved to a new facility and has a new manager and some different job functions, I think she’s going to be leaving no matter what. She’s very unhappy right now.

My company has two things going on that could result in me not having a job anymore. I’m a bit scared. But we should know more soon. We just can’t worry about it right now. Need more info. I’ve got nearly 6 years in this place and would rather stay here than start somewhere else where I’m the low chick on the totem pole. Unless it’s a federal job and then I’d have 6 1/2 yrs seniority right off the bat. We’ll see…

Erin and I have been working on several projects. Off Topic is doing well. We’re supposed to tape our next show tomorrow. I tried like hell to get the topic changed from Fashion Emergencies to anything else. Anything! But I was not successful. So I’m guessing that a good portion of the show will be Erin humiliating me. But I suppose that’s ok. I rip on her most of the time. I ought to give her this. We made a blogspot site for the show (www.offtopicshow.blogspot.com) and we like it better than having the MySpace page as the main place to watch.

We’re also working with a friend in Boston, and sometimes with one of our co-workers, on a fan fiction review site. Our Bostonian friend and I have been doing pretty good at whipping out the reviews and we’ve been getting some attention from some fan fic sites and message boards, too, so that’s nice. (www.fanficrev.blogspot.com)

The other thing that we now have available for pretty much anyone to participate in is the shuffle site. Once in awhile, I like to do the shuffle so I created this blogspot for that purpose (www.shuffle5.blogspot.com). Erin plans to also post music reviews but I can’t get her to follow through with much right now so don’t hold your breath on that one.

Well, I think that’s it for now. I wanted to let folks know what’s been going on. And, mostly, wanted to give Stressed Tek something to read this morning. 😉

Comment if you want. You know, no pressure.

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