BC#1 – originally posted 10/2/03

Some friends of ours are going to be starting to try to get pregnant next month. That got me thinking about my own kid, of course. While TJ was pregnant, I posted a series of short entries on the old Diginomicon called The Baby Chronicles. I found some of them on my computer yesterday and thought I’d post the first one.


It’s official. We’re going to be mommies! It still doesn’t seem quite real. After so many years of thinking about it and talking about the possibility of having children, it’s actually going to happen. It only took two months of trying. After the first attempt failed, I told everyone that we should have used sperm instead of Sea Monkeys. TJ tells people that since her body had never encountered sperm before, it simply didn’t know what to do with it. I put the blame solidly on the African fertility charm bracelet that our dear friend, Margi, gave us. We framed it, but the morning after our first insemination attempt it had fallen from the Velcro mounting. We super-glued that baby up there after that!

When TJ got her period the day before we were to take our first home pregnancy test, we were both devastated. We really thought it had worked. We began immediately to drown our sorrows and went through a short period of rebellion. We went out several times a week and partied quite a bit. TJ really believed that if it didn’t happen on the first try, it would never happen. No matter how many people said that it takes time, especially since she’s 35 years old, it didn’t matter. We were both starting to believe that we would never have a child, not naturally anyway.

We waited patiently after our second attempt for the day that she could take a pregnancy test. It was a Thursday. It was negative. We were sad and really started to feel defeated. We felt that way, even though TJ had said for at least a week that she was sure she wasn’t pregnant. We decided that we’d wait another day or so and if she didn’t start her period by Saturday morning, she’d test again.

Saturday morning came, and still no period. We were supposed to do some work for a friend that morning and were rushing around trying to get ready. TJ took the test while I got ready for work. I really didn’t think much of it, because neither of us thought it would be positive. After about 10 minutes, I noticed that TJ hadn’t come into the kitchen to let me know the results. I went into the dining room and she’s standing there, staring at the stick and instructions. She looked up at me and said, “I think I’m pregnant!” I looked at the test and, sure enough, it was positive.

She got in the shower and I paced back and forth with a shocked look on my face for 15 minutes. It took several days for it to even begin to sink in. It’s still such an unreal idea. We’ve told just about everyone we know and it still doesn’t seem totally real. Every morning, after breakfast, we read our Pregnancy Journal that Auntie Molly and Uncle Chuck got for us. We find it incredibly interesting how our baby changes everyday. Today, for instance, s/he has leg buds to go along with her arm flippers and three sets of kidneys. Who knew?

I think it’s starting to sink in for TJ. Last night when I was getting ready to make dinner, she told me that the baby wanted pasta instead of rice. How can I argue with that?

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  • December 5, 2006 at 3:33 pm

    Oh my goodness, that is so cute! It got me a little teary eyed. It is amazing to read having already meeting Micah. Can you believe it was that little guy growing inside of TJ? Now you have me super excited!

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