Genocide Day 2006

We made it through another holiday and, beside being dog tired, everything went very nicely. The Flaming Archbishop party was Friday night and we had a good time. TJ was sociable, from the corner we were hiding in, and talked pretty freely to several people. Ok, we were related to most of them but it’s still quite an accomplishment.

Thursday I did the cooking I needed to and TJ straightened up the house in plenty of time for our guests to arrive. Dinner was great, the company was good, and everyone left by 7:30 or so. Micah sacked out quickly and TJ and I were relaxing on the couch by 8:30.

TJ had to work Friday but Micah and I had a wonderful day of playing. That evening was Rose’s third birthday party and Micah had a blast. TJ, on the other hand, was completely overwhelmed by the large number of people and spent the entire time sitting on the stairs and spoke to as few people as possible. My dad tried to have a conversation with me as I was on my way back from getting some food but I saw the look of terror on TJ’s face as a couple of people were trying to engage her. I had to cut my father off and dash across the room to save her. Some days are better than others, Friday was bad.

Let’s see.. Saturday was our neighborhood association’s second walk. Micah was supposed to have been napping, so I took Abby with me. She did surprisingly well. She even got close enough to a couple of women to smell their hands. I think she may have touched one or two people. By summer she’ll be jumping all over people, looking for someone to play with.

Yesterday we went to see Sesame Street Live with a group of folks. Micah livened up during the second half and, overall, seemed to enjoy the experience. I didn’t think he’d make it more than 20 minutes without coming unglued. He didn’t nap at all and fell asleep in the car on the way to the show. It took him awhile to recover from his power nap but, once he did, he was dancing and talking and having a good time.

Of course, he was up and in our bed by 2:45 this morning. TJ and I never made it back to sleep because he was up moving around, smacking TJ in the eye, running back and forth between his bed and ours, and screaming for a juice box until the alarm went off. He fell back to sleep as TJ got in the shower and then didn’t want to wake up when he needed to. Yeah, don’t think that it means that he’ll do better tonight. He won’t. He’s going through a growth spurt, so this will go on for another week or so. Damn, I’m tired.

I hope you all had lots of fun with family and friends over the long weekend.

Comment if you want. You know, no pressure.

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