Goodbye, Dearest Olympia

I’ve tried to recall the first time I saw you. I think it must have been when you played Cher’s mother in Moonstruck. But it was Steel Magnolias that made me take notice. After that it was your portrayal of the seemingly free-spirited, pot smoking, Mrs. Madrigal in Tales of the City. Playing strong women with a deeper vulnerability is what made you so attractive to me. I have always been incredibly attracted to women that appear to have it all under control and have no emotional issues but, instead, are more psychologically screwed than most others. It’s my weakness.

But, alas, I must say farewell. I was reminded last night of another love, a stronger love. I don’t know how Salma could have slipped my mind when I compiled my List of Five, but she did. From my first encounter with the dark haired beauty, in the cult classic film From Dusk til Dawn, I have been entranced. Of course, she was a vampire that had those powers but I think, perhaps, it was the mostly nude pole dancing that did it. I loved her again in Desperado, as the gorgeous bookseller. She is the only reason that I’ve seen Fools Rush In more than 10 times. When she played Frida Khalo, she moved me. And then she sang and that cemented my love for her. Olympia, my darling, I cannot resist a woman who sings. Especially one as smokin’ hot as Salma.

I know this will be difficult for you; it’s difficult for me, as well. We’ve shared some wonderful times. I will continue to hold you, fondly, in my memories but, at least for now, we must part. Be brave, my beautiful, strong, grandma-esque love. Time heals all wounds.

Comment if you want. You know, no pressure.

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