My Shrimp Is Dead

Yes, it’s true. I just flushed Icky down the john. I wasn’t sure, at first. I thought, “maybe he’s molting. I’ve never seen him molt before. He could be and I don’t want to disturb him.” But after TJ glanced at him, she made the official ruling – Icky has moved on to the Wood Shrimp afterlife. There’s a picture of what Icky looked like on another post, further down. I KNEW I shouldn’t have used that picture so soon! Damnit! Now I have to use some other, symbolic photo. I’ll leave it to the viewer to figure out the meaning.

I’m going to miss him. His beady little eyes, his little hand-fans, but mostly the way he’d eat Plocky’s poop like a big, green piece of spaghetti. It may sound gross – well, yes, it is gross. Nevermind. I’m going to want to get some more shrimp. Except I think I may want to get some Ghost Shrimp. They’re pretty cool looking, too. Micah really likes Icky. I know he’s going to notice. Which is sort of wierd since he didn’t notice when the cat disappeared.

By the way, I’m not doing the shuffle today. It’s late and I’m just too lazy to get my ipod out of my bag and spend the time to do it. How’s that for honesty?

I have to tell you, I had a GREAT afternoon. My boss gave me the afternoon off because I’ve been working extra hard – yep, I got some recognition! – so I had lunch at a chinese restaurant and then hit Kohl’s to get Micah some toys for christmas. Then I picked him up from daycare and we went back to my office so he could visit with some of my co-workers. Micah used to be in daycare in the same building that I work in so he spent lots of time with these folks. They had spent time with him just about everyday for more than the first year of his life. They watched him go from a little gurgling lump to a little guy who did the low-crawl instead of standard, hands and knees crawling, to walking, to now, running and talking. He still knows that Erin has a treat drawer and that Daphne melts when he flirts with her. Yeah, he’s gonna be a heart breaker.

Anyway, after we left the office, we headed for the zoo. We had about 25 minutes before we had to pick TJ up so it was a quick trip. We started with the primates; Micah loves the mandrills and started asking about them within the first minute that we were there. So after we checked out the orangutans, spider monkeys, mandrills, and the macaques, it was off to the fish and aligators. While we were there, we saw a larger version of Icky. Micah got so excited. I just can’t take it. I’m breaking up here. I’ve got… I need to… I’m sorry, I just can’t keep it together. I need some time alone to collect my thoughts and prepare the obituary. It’ll be posted on the bulletin board in the entry way of Hoffer’s Tropic Life Pets if you feel the need to read it.

(raising my frosty beer) This one’s for you, Icky. (aaaahhhh – man, I like beer)

Comment if you want. You know, no pressure.

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