Easy There, Turbo

That’s what my friend, TAM, says to folks that are just moving a bit too quickly – either physically or mentally. And that’s what I’m feeling about myself right now. I think I may be experiencing high blood pressure while I’m at work. I need to relax and not let stuff get to me. I can feel my face and ears starting to tingle right now while I’m thinking about it. I know it has to be stress or anxiety related to work and with my youngest brother because when I’m at home I’m fine – until I started talking to TJ about the little bro. Then I felt the same way.

My goal is to let the little stuff go and only take responsibility for the things that belong to me, like my reactions or my actions that have hurt someone or something like that. You know what I mean? I’m going to do some deep breathing while I type out my shuffle. In….. Out….. In….. Out…..

1. Ain’t It Heavy – Melissa Etheridge. Not one of my favorites but still a pretty good song. I haven’t really listened to ME for a few years. It was a good break. Well, that’s sort of a lie. Occassionally, I’ll put on Brave & Crazy cuz I love that CD. By the way, congrats to Melissa and Tammy Lynn on the birth of their daughter and son!

2. Can You Find It? – They Might Be Giants. This is from Here Come The ABCs and it’s a great CD. But, again, not one of my favorite songs. Micah loves the album, almost as much as I do. And, yes, I do know the alphabet of nations.

3. Wonder Wheel – Dan Zanes. So it’s Kid Day on my ipod. Dan Zanes was Micah’s first concert. He puts on a great live show. Micah and his cousin, Dillon, hung out next to the stage like a couple of pre-school groupies. It was great.

4. Dust Bowl – 10,000 Maniacs. Yes, this song has been knon to make me cry. It sucks to be poor. Yes, I know that’s an incredible understatement but it’s early and I’m still getting my first cup of coffee down. This song is just heart breaking to me. I think it’s mostly Natalie’s voice and the emotion it evokes.

5. Natural – Arrested Development. This is the live version. He’s singing about the beauty of being natural – not trying to conform to white, racist standard of beauty. The joy of embracing your body, hair, and features instead of being something the larger society expects you to be. And he also wants to get inside her. And sleep there. And some other stuff. Inside.

One thought on “Easy There, Turbo

  • October 26, 2006 at 7:07 pm

    I know how that feels. When ever my sister calls me I get a tightness in my chest. I realized she causes a bit of anxiety in me and I am trying to work that out. I love her but I can’t control the stress she causes yet. We have a grant at my school this year to have a specialist do meditation with us once a week. At first I thought it was stupid but it really does work…damn hippies

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