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I did my shuffle first thing this morning but didn’t have time to post it. Well, I could have had time, but some folks have been watching me a little closer than usual. I think my boss is having some issues and she seems to find it much easier to come down on me and blame me for crap rather than look within. She doesn’t tend to think I have emotions and get my feelings hurt the same as other people. Here’s how I feel about it right now: I don’t give a shit. Whatever. I pass my time there, I do my job – I do a great job – and I have some good relationships with some of my co-workers, but it’s not my life. My life is my family. And I need my sweet paycheck to keep a roof over my family’s head and food on our table. Don’t get me wrong, I mostly like my job, it just sucks when I have to be someone else’s scapegoat. It’s a stressful time for my boss because she’s not sure if she’s gonna have a job. Of course, that could be bullshit. Just like some of the other crap she tells me and my co-worker. We wouldn’t know what to think if we didn’t talk to each other. I love my co-worker, TAM. I’ve written about her before. Anyway…

Time for the shuffle!

1. In the Days of the Caveman – Crash Test Dummies. So, I’m into the first ten seconds of the song thinking, “Wow. I haven’t heard this band in forever,” when it starts skipping. I stopped it and restarted the song. It’s OK now. I hope this doesn’t spell trouble for my new favorite toy. Anytway, I like the music and the lead singer’s voice. Most of their lyrics are interesing and/or odd. Freaking Canadians.

2. Burning Bed – Elliot Goldenthal. Short instrumental interlude in the Frida soundtrack.

3. You are the One – Mike & The Machanics. When TJ & I were in Okinawa, we used to love this band. All of their songs are pretty slow and emotional; usually dealing with change and loss. Whenever I hear them, I think of us back then. It was so many years ago and we were so young. It seems like another lifetime.

4. Always in my Head – India.Arie. I love her. Such a smooth voice and I’m a sucker for a good acustic guitar.

5. Put a Cookie in My Mouth – Cookie Monster. It’s from the Happy Birthday from Sesame Street CD. It’s Cookie Monster singing directions, and encouragement or ridicule, for a “pin the tail on the donkey” ripoff. Yes, I have a playlist of music for Micah.

Comment if you want. You know, no pressure.

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