Books Good.

I’m still around, just haven’t had any music playing yet this week. At least not at work. I’ve been listening to The DaVinci Code on my ipod. I already read it, but got a copy of the audiobook from my boss awhile ago. I decided I needed to return it to her and, in an effort to show TJ just how easy it is to enjoy books without reading, loaded it up on the mp3 player.

I didn’t have any issues with listening and still being able to concentrate on doing my work. Half of this shit I can do while I’m asleep, so there wasn’t much to worry about. Although for the first 2 disks worth of the book, I had it on shuffle. I kept thinking to myself that the abridged version sure was differntly organized. I didn’t figure it out until there was a jump that just didn’t seem possible. Yeah, I’m pretty quick. Nothing gets by me.

I stopped at the library yesterday and picked up Angels & Demons, the first of the Robert Langdon adventures. That’s what it says on the jacket: “adventure”. I started reading the book three times already. Maybe this will get me into it. It’s another abridged version, so I’ll probably still want to read the book.

Alrighty then, maybe I’ll get back to the music tomorrow. Maybe.

One thought on “Books Good.

  • October 18, 2006 at 10:15 am

    As long as you keep us updated that you are still around, we or I should say I am happy. I get scared when you do not write for a while and then I start to worry that something dramatic has occured.

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