All Eyes on Me – and, well, 2Pac, too

My super-sweet wife had a surprise for me when I got home yesterday – my very own 5th generation, 80Gb iPod! I’ll give you one guess about what I was doing until around 11pm last night. That’s right, loading it up with music and video. Not really “loading it up” since there’s just about a speck of the memory filled now, but it’s got quite a bit on there. This new development means that shuffling will become more interesting and, without a doubt, more embarrassing for me. I plan to put our entire music library on the thing. I know that someday Milli Vanilli will come up but I don’t care! I love that CD, no matter who’s actually singing.

1. To Live & Die in L.A. – 2Pac. Smooth, profanity filled rap about LA and prison mostly. I did learn that Cali is “…just fun and bitches…”

2. Derelicts of Dialect (SD50 Remix) – 3rd Bass. I’m pretty sure that I’ve ever heard of them. I don’t think I heard any swearing or use of the “N-Word” so they must not be part of the “Gangsta Rap” scene and I actually heard some positive messages. Although they do lose some points because one of the singers sorta sounds like Vanilla Ice and there were bits of dialog from Oscar the Grouch, Big Bird, and Big Gay Bob from Sesame Street.

3. Satisfy My Soul – Bob Marley & The Wailers. Good song about feeling good. Bob was high A LOT and has about 30 kids that mostly didn’t live with him so I’m pretty sure he did feel good most of the time. His songs are usually about civil unrest and the struggle for justice or love and getting laid. What else is there, really?

4. Red Intro – The Fugees. Very short narrative about people getting shot and everyone trying to be gangsters.

5. Deeper & Deeper – Madonna. One of a hundred generic Madonna dance songs. There are very few songs by Madonna that I think are noteworthy. This isn’t one of them.

Until tomorrow,

Peace Bitches.

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  • October 3, 2006 at 7:40 am

    ps – thanks for the shout out.

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