I’ve got 15 pieces of Flair

I have a monstrous case of “The Mondays.” I’m sick, my chest hurts from coughing, my neck and back are achy and stiff, and I’m just plain raging. It’s a good thing it’s just after 7am and no one is here yet. I already flipped out on the lone man using the carpool lane who pulled up next to me. It’ll be interesting to see what happens tomorrow, since we get to the freeway at about the same time everyday. And everyday he, all alone in his car, uses the carpool lane. I won’t even use it with Micah in the car because I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t be driving his own vehicle if he wasn’t catching a ride with me.

It was impossible for me to truly focus on the songs that I heard during this morning’s shuffle. In all honesty, I had to go back twice because I forgot to write down what had played. I was working, checking my email, and chatting with TJ during the first eight or ten songs so there’s not going to much going along with the titles and artists. I almost didn’t post them at all. This, I’m sure, would have been alright with the throng of my loyal readers. You know who you are. Ok, I have two semi-loyal readers. Hi Sara & Beth! I can’t even get my wife to read my blog. Not that I expect her to. If there’s something I want her to see, I’ll read it to her while we’re lying in bed synching our mp3 players or playing Guild Wars. She’s not much of a reader but that’s alright because if I get to read things to her, I get to make sure she’s hearing the inflections where I want them.

Anyway, here are the songs:

1. So Much to Say – Bob Marley & The Wailers. Sorry, got busy and didn’t really hear the song. Just the beat and Bob’s voice.

2. Karen by Night – Jill Sobule. I like this song. She tells the story of the double life lead by her boss at a shoe store.

3. People Make the World Go Round – The Stylistics. Popular song. Good one. I like it a lot.

4. Hour Follows Hour – Ani DiFranco. Great mellow song about the nature of things and life in general. One of my favs.

5. Amen – Jewel. Good song but it’s one of those where her voice gets a little deeper than I think she should be going. I find it a bit distracting. Not one of my favs.

Thanks for bearing with me this morning. I’ll try to pull my head out of my brown eye by tomorrow’s shuffle.

One thought on “I’ve got 15 pieces of Flair

  • October 3, 2006 at 7:38 am

    I was freaking out, minorly…I did not get my Cheri fix on a slow Monday morning. It is the only way I can get my day started, check email, get coffee, check blogs, go to the bathroom, etc. I will blame the headache I acquired later in the day from the unpleasant change in routine.

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