No, I’m not in my 50’s.

I’m still not certain if I’ll keep the ipod nano for myself yet. I was reminded around 1pm yesterday of one of the main reasons I decided against the ipod – battery life. My creative zen micro gets a good 8 hours and the nano will get me around 5 or 6. I listen to my player probably 7-8 hours a day. Yes, I need to be able to pretend that I’m all alone in my little world.

I decided to give it a few more days and see if plugging it into the USB port on my keyboard will charge it without having our local IT folks come unglued. So I was up until 11pm last night loading more music onto the nano. I have to admit that there are some little features about the ipods that make me grin – like seeing the CD cover art on the screen as the songs play. It doesn’t work for all of them, but right now I’m looking at the Erotica cover. It’s definitely not a reason to lay out any extra money but it’s still cool.

So let’s get down to shufflin’ business.

1. I Miss You – Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes. This is one of those 8 ½ minute songs where a man is telling his estranged woman how he’s changed since she’s left him – he has a job now AND hit the lottery. He goes on to ask her about his son and tells her how much he misses them both and he swears he’s changed. I hope she takes him back. He sounds so sincere. I do like this song quite a bit. I was raised on old soul & R&B so HM & TBN will always have a spot in my heart. Without fail, “Wake Up Everybody” was the final song played after every house party we’d ever had. I was usually very drunk and ended up sitting on the floor singing along – probably in tears by the end. It’s a very motivational song. Quit mocking me.

2. Trouble Me – 10,000 Maniacs. This song was actually popular. I think I remember there being a video and everything. Although it may have just been one of my dreams about Natalie Merchant.

3. You Make Me Feel Brand New – The Stylistics. Another song that I probably never would have heard if I hadn’t been raised in the house I was. I used to listen to my Stylistic 45s over and over again when I was a kid. There’s something about their musical style and singing ranges that moves me.

4. Push – Matchbox Twenty. I love this song. I wonder whatever happened to them. They have much the same type of sound as 3 Doors Down – sort of a pop/rock thing. I may try to find a newer CD of theirs. Maybe. You know who else I also liked? Sugar Ray. How is this related to this song? It’s not.

5. You Are Everything – The Stylistics. Out of 535 songs, I get two great Stylistics songs in my first five of the day. This is one of my very favorite songs of theirs. It’s one of the 45s I had. I’m pretty sure that “Country Living” was the b-side. And I LOVED that song, too.

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  • September 27, 2006 at 7:21 am

    You can actually go to Amazon look up your album and drag the cover art onto your itunes. It is a tedious process but if you have some extra time. I would pull pictures of my dogs and randomness instead. It is worth a smile or two.

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