Creative vs. iPod

TJ got a new toy yesterday – the new 80Gb ipod. She’s going to be working an outrageous amount of overtime during the 4th quarter so it’s only fair that she be able to use some of that money to buy herself something special. And it is special. It freakin’ ROCKS. She got some video content from itunes last night and the picture quality is fabulous. So much clearer and nicer than the older video ipod. So, I stole her nano and will probably load up my Creative Micro Zen with music for Micah. We’ll see.

So I get to work this morning, ready to do my morning shuffle, and am taken aback by the sound quality. I wasn’t prepared for it. I love my micro zen. I really do. I’ve had to fight with Creative to replace it THREE times because it kept crapping out but, beside that, I haven’t had any complaints. It’s a 5Gb versus the 4Gb nano, it has built in FM radio, which I use pretty much on a daily basis, and I thought the sound quality was great. Until now. I’m using the same ear buds so I know that’s not it. And since I didn’t expect any change in sound quality, it can’t be that I was anticipating it. It must be true.

Anyway, on with the shuffle.

1. Free Ride – The Edgar Winter Group. I haven’t heard this in awhile. The songs on the ipod are a bit different than the ones on my other mp3 player because of the sync I did last night. I don’t really know what’s on here and what’s not. This song is part of a compilation CD I bought several years ago. I was going to fast forward through it but didn’t. I actually enjoyed this old rock song this morning.

2. The Couple on the Street – Jill Sobule. Smooth and jazzy. All of her songs tell a story. They’re like mini-short stories. The listener gets to know something about the characters and get to listen to good music to boot. If you’ve not given Jill a listen, pick up her first album & you’ll be hooked. Don’t judge her solely on “I Kissed a Girl,” it’s the weakest song on the CD, in my opinion.

3. Rain – Rusted Root. I’m not familiar with this song. It sounds like something you’d hear at a country festival. Very fast paced and sort of erratic. Wash boards, harmonica, guitar, drums – lyrics about raising a barn. I…feel… like…dancing! You know the dance I’m talking about. The one where you kick your legs out to the sides & move your clenched fists toward the ground between your legs as you’re kicking. I feel out of breath just listening.

4. How Many Mics – The Fugees. I’m still trying to shift gears from the last song. Gotta say – I love this whole album. Lots of references to pop culture, past and present. Smooth music and the lyrics flow.

5. Burning Man – Third Eye Blind. Another song that I’ve not heard before. In general, I like the band. This sounds pretty good. Easy flowing guitar with a few riffs but mostly your standard rock/pop song. Probably a song that I’ll like more as I listen to it a few times.

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  • September 26, 2006 at 10:54 am

    Me too. I’m going to be selling my plasma in order to buy one for myself.

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