Call Me "Mama"

It didn’t really hit me until last evening that Micah is legally my son now. I mean, it doesn’t change the relationship I have with him but I think it will change the level of confidence I have when I’m speaking about him. I don’t have to worry about someone challenging my legal status to make decisions or schedule appointments or anything at all anymore. Plainly and simply, he is my son. That’s it. Now I can change his status on all of my work forms from “child of domestic partner” to simply “child.” When I’m asked if I have any dependents, I will proudly say “Yes!” and know that I’m being legally accurate.

The proceedings, themselves, were uneventful and anticlimactic. We sat in front of a judge, my parents sat in the Jury Box in order to get better pictures, she said some stuff, we said “yes” a few times and then we took a couple pictures up at the bench. That was it. Then we went to lunch at a Chinese buffet and drove on home. TJ and I, and of course Micah, were happy that my parents came along. Not only were they a great help with the little guy, but it meant a lot to us that they were there to witness it. In all honesty, I think my mom was the most excited about the entire adoption deal out of everyone I know. She feels so relieved now that Micah will never be in danger of being taken from us if anything should happen to TJ.

So now our little family is as close to legally protected as we can be. And it feels great.

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  • September 21, 2006 at 9:57 am

    Congratulations mama!

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