I took the long weekend off from writing. I was busy the entire three days, but I really couldn’t tell you what I did. I can tell you that I’m exhausted now. Micah got into our bed at around 2am. That means that I spent from the moment he rolled off of TJ (he had a bad dream and slept on her chest for awhile) he started head-butting me and shoving me out of the way. So I spent the wee hours hanging on to the edge of the bed, listening to a symphony of snores: Dascha, Abby, TJ, and Micah all serenaded me. I know I should have felt honored, but mostly I was incredibly annoyed and frustrated. And now I’m just very tired.

Goodnight. I’m going to lay in bed, drink a beer, and watch Transamerica. Oh, I watched Psycho Beach Party last night – very funny. The dialogue was great – watch it if you like spoofy type movies. Or don’t. See if I care.

Comment if you want. You know, no pressure.

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