Couldn’t have been much better

It’s a few minutes after 10pm and I’m laying in bed with my laptop and my gently snoring wife. It wasn’t so gentle a few minutes ago, but I moved her arm and she’s alright for a little while and then I’ll have to roll her completly over. Micah is peacefully sleeping, cuddled with the blanket I made him and his stuffed lion from
Target and Orange Bear that Amy W. gave us for our baby shower. The dogs are sleeping in their beds. They haven’t started snoring yet, but they will.

I played World of Warcraft for about an hour and a half while TJ watched the Packers get their asses kicked. But it’s only pre-season, so it doesn’t really matter. Besides, she’s doing some on-line betting this year and will pick up an extra $5 with their loss.

So, anyway, my birthday was good. I got beautiful flowers, Pizza Hut, Corona Light, and telephone calls or emails from most everyone I love. I got serenaded by my son, and then later in the day by my nephew. Micah kept saying it was HIS birthday and actually sang “happy birthday to Micah” over and over while we drove to school this morning.

There were a few glaring ommissions in the birthday wishes but, hey, that’s how some folks are. Unless it benefits them directly or they need some sort of absolution or reassurance or a deal from a relative on some service, they just don’t care much about me or my feelings. Whatever. I’m done with stewing over people blowing me and my family off. It’s not worth it since I’m usually the only one who’s upset about it. That may sound like I’m mad or bitter, but I’m really not. I’m surprisingly calm and accepting about the whole thing. I decided several months ago that it’s just not worth it.

The symphony of snores has begun. TJ, Dascha, and Abby all have different tempos and pitches. Maybe I’ll figure out how to record them and create a sound file to share with you. For years, TJ insisted that she didn’t snore. Finally, I recorded her and she doesn’t argue about it anymore. She’s a house shaker!

Comment if you want. You know, no pressure.

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