Ah, Springtime

It’s been a bit over a month, I believe, since my last post. I’ve got scraps of paper and numerous notes written in my little notebook documenting all of the ideas I didn’t want to forget when I got a few minutes to write. But it’s felt like I’ve not had a few minutes to write in a long time. Work has been insanely busy and after Micah is in bed and the dogs are fed, I can’t string two thoughts together, let alone write anything coherent.

I’ve been doing lots of reading though. The stuff I usually read doesn’t require much in the way of brain power. Which is why I’m able to knock out a book or two a week. I’ve been able to get two other people hooked on fan fiction/original, non-published fiction as well. They both had the same reaction I did when I first heard about fan fiction. It was pretty much, “what type of loser reads that crap?” Well, apparently, me. I had the idea that it was just a bunch of lonely women who had no lives and lived in some freaky fantasy world. But what I found out is that all sorts of women, and men, write fan fiction. And, while a large amount of it is poorly written crap, some of it is very well written with strong plots and complex characters. I’ve found that part of the fun of it is wading through the bad stuff to find those gems.

I’ve also found out a good number of the women, I primarily read lesbian themed fiction written by women, who are now some of the most popular authors of published lesbian fiction started out writing fan fiction or original fiction posted on-line.

I have a blogspot account that has been dormant since I started up this site but I’ve decided, at least for now, to use that site to discuss and review whatever fan fiction/original non-published fiction I’m reading. I’ve often wished that there was a place to go where I could get some recommendations or reviews of the type of stuff I read so I could go get a good story quickly when I’m not in the mood to sift through the junk. Maybe Erin, my BFF and Off Topic co-host, and I can put that together. She’s stuck on Twilight fanfic.

Well, TJ just left for Kendo and Micah is asleep. That means I get to enjoy the quiet. I think I hear a hot bubble bath calling my name.

Comment if you want. You know, no pressure.

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