Happy It’s Not Snow

It’s really raining hard here. Lightening & thunder to go along with it. So glad I’m not going anywhere today.

It’s been a very lazy weekend and I think we all need it. Beside being pretty much deaf, Micah seems to be doing much better. He’s got a follow up appointment in a couple weeks but if his hearing doesn’t clear up some, we’ll be taking him in earlier.

TJ’s mom just got out of the hospital. Her appendix burst and it was pretty nasty from what I understand. She called a few days ago, while she was still in the hospital, and sounded great. Billie’s not the type to stay cooped up for long so I’m sure she’s thrilled to be out.

Not much else worth mentioning at this time. I think Erin and I will be taping the first 2009 episode of Off Topic next month. We decided to take the winter off. Hopefully the warmer weather will result in us getting together more often after work. We’ve got plenty of ideas for new shows. And I got a program to convert the files so they can be played on an iPod.

Now I just have to get my geektastic brother to fix my site so I can edit posts and pages. Not sure why it doesn’t work but that’s not my area…

Until next time, stay warm and dry.

Comment if you want. You know, no pressure.

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