Yep, I’m still writing.

I’ve been so busy trying to get my site up and running, that I’ve not been actually doing any writing. So, here’s my update on all things Fuller over the past few days.

We’ve got our christmas tree or, as I would tell TAM, our holiday bush up and decorated. TJ did most of it herself this year. After 17 years with the same tree, I was able to talk her into investing in a new one this year. It’s pre-lit so there was no getting dizzy from walking around the tree 200 times stringing lights. The tree looks very good and I’m happy we chucked the old one in the dumpster last year.

Holiday cards still have not been printed. We’ve not even selected the picture we’re going to use yet. But TJ took the photos Saturday evening, so we should have them out by the end of the year. Most of the shopping is done. I think we just have a couple more things to pick up. I’m done with TJ’s gifts. Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE I made sure to include a small link on the new site, so be sure to use it if you have any geeky loved ones to buy for.

The dogs are well. Abby’s coming more and more out of her shell. She has no problem jumping up on me and giving me kisses now. Or sticking her nose in my eye while I’m sleeping and then licking my nose. It’s actually not such a bad way to wake up. Dascha seems to be getting much older than she should. She just turned 3 last month but acts like she’s at least 8 most of the time.

Micah’s doing very well and has recently moved into the “What’s that?” phase. Which I don’t mind at all. His vocabulary is expanding and he still loves books. He whines a lot but stops when you tell him to relax and use his words. All in all, he’s a great kid but we’re still not having any more.

Well, Abby’s done eating her dinner, which means that I’m done typing. She eats in the den, away from Dascha in the kitchen. We’ve been doing it this way since her first day with us. It helps to keep her calm so she’ll eat. She’s still pretty jumpy so we’ll maintain the routine until she’s better.

Thanks for following me to the new site. Be sure to check out the forums and suggest any topics you’d like to see.

Hasta luego.

Comment if you want. You know, no pressure.

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