Monday, Monday

As part of reclaiming myself in 2009, I’m going to work on reconnecting with all the people that I care about but have lost contact with over the past year or so. There are lots of people. Lots. I’m shooting for one to two people a week. I think that’s a doable number.

I’ve already spoken to my cousin on my dad’s side. I think he’s the one I’ve been out of touch with the longest. We had a nice conversation and we’ll speak again soon.

I think my Aunt Jackie and our friend Denise will be next. I don’t want to overwhelm myself because then I won’t do it at all. I know my limitations and am going to try not to bullshit myself.

I did manage to drag my fat ass off the couch last night to get on the treadmill. Nothing major, just a nice 30 minute walk while I read. I’m more likely to do it if I can read at the same time. Otherwise, I’d have been sitting on the couch reading or in the bathtub reading. At least this way, I get my body moving a little.

I’ve not picked a new therapist yet. I don’t really want to anymore. At all. I’m feeling better and more in control of my emotions than I have in awhile but I do know that it’ll probably not last. Plus Erin and Teri are on my back to follow through on my committment to get myself some help. Maybe I’ll cease communicating with them in exchange for re-establishing communication with the others. That sounds fair, right?

Here’s a picture of Micah & Uncle Marcus. It’s a nice picture and I like to share.

Comment if you want. You know, no pressure.

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