Merry Christmas

The excitement of gift opening is over for the day and now Micah and I are relaxing on the couch. I think TJ just got in the shower. She spent the last 20 minutes working on mastering her R/C helicopter. It’s the most I’ve ever seen her play with a Christmas gift. It was a toy filled day for all of us. We got Micah a nice assortment of beginning reader books and put those under the tree along with the toys. We pledged before he was born to never give him clothes for gifts. We figure he’s going to get clothes regardless, so he should only get fun stuff for gifts. Anyway, he opened the books after a few Hot Wheels cars and Transformers. After he spread them out and figured out they weren’t toys, he whined a little and said “I don’t like these books!” We assured him that, eventually, he’d like them a lot since he’d be reading them to us. He grinned a little at that. He’s been having lots of fun reading words and realizing that he can recognize some words right off the bat without having to sound them out. I still can’t believe he’s my baby. Dang big kid.

Well, I’m off to surf around a bit and buy some new books for my e-reader. I’m off for a few days this week and next and will have some extra relaxation time. What could be better than hanging out with my wife, son, and some books? Yeah, I don’t know either.

Happy Yulechristmakwansakah!

Comment if you want. You know, no pressure.

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