Fuckin’ Hackers

So I’ve been hit by a damn hacker. Probably a 12 year old flexing his 1337 h4x0r muscle. Well, if he, or she, gets a thrill out of hacking my little blog that has 2 or 3 readers, more power to him or her.  It’s just more work for Chuck. He’s my hero. My own personal website helpdesk. Who is beating the living shit out of me at chess. I told him I was bad at it but I don’t think he realized just how bad. TJ quit playing with me years ago. She announced, during our final game, that she couldn’t play with someone who had absolutely no strategy. I never claimed that strategery was my thing…

I’ve come to the conclusion that 2008 sucked ass and I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of 2009. Yep, it was a year of depression, angst, and loss. Mostly. I mean, there was some good stuff, but mostly I’m thinking it really didn’t out weigh the crap. Flooded out, lost thousands of dollars worth of stuff – some of it emotionally difficult – hard drive crashed on my laptop and lost tons of stuff. But my lovely wife was able to salvage the machine itself. Although, at that point, I had already picked myself out a new Dell that looked super sweet. But we don’t have the money for that so it’s just as well. Bunch of other crap happened that was less than happy but I won’t dwell on that here. That’s what my new-found therapist is for.

One thing that I have enjoyed is working with Erin on Off Topic. We’ve not done as many episodes as we wanted to, but the ones we have done turned out pretty damn well. And I seriously cannot wait to do the next one. The topic is fetishes. Feel free to send us your favorites. I think it’ll still be another week or two before we find the time to get together to do the taping. Erin really wants to have people send us questions, a la Dr. Ruth, but we can’t even get anyone to give us feedback. But we have fun so, whatever… Don’t push me into a Bruce Willis Moment.

Let’s see, what else is going on… Micah is all recovered from his hernia surgery. TJ is still working way too many hours. I was quite pissy about that just a few hours ago. I’m over it now. Well, not really, but I’m not pissy anymore. I’m working hard. Much harder than I like but, really, that doesn’t take much. I’m enjoying my job and can’t complain too much. I feel very appreciated in my current role and get plenty of kudos.

I think we’re nearly done with Christmas shopping. Micah and I went to Target after work today and took care of lots of that. Just a few more things and I think TJ’s going to take care of most of that tomorrow. She managed to get a day off. I would lay good money that she’s still going to spend several hours on her Blackberry doing work stuff, though. I’d like to get at least one of her co-workers in a dark alley and beat the lazy out of him. Fucker. I keep telling her that the next time he calls our home phone about some work shit, I’m going to go off on him. And that won’t be pretty.

Well, it’s nearly 11pm and that’s past my bed time. I’m going to drag my beautiful wife out of the bathtub and try to get some quality cuddle time. Maybe do some testing for the next show. I guess it’ll depend on how many beers she took with her into the tub. Wish me luck!

One thought on “Fuckin’ Hackers

  • December 16, 2008 at 3:51 pm

    I un-fux0r3d your webz.

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