All Aboard!

Some of you may know that TJ has always been a big fan of model trains. I suppose it came naturally since her father is a retired conductor for Union Pacific Railroad. Yep, he used to ride on the, now defunct, cabooses. Anyway, over the years I’ve tried to encourage her to pick her trains back up and build a scene. I can’t tell you how many hours we’ve spent in hobby shops looking and planning but we’ve never done a thing about it. TJ’s like that. She has to plan and plan and won’t start a project unless she feels very secure in the outcome.

Micah’s interest in trains seems to have given her the kick-start she needed. We took him to Trainfest at the State Fair Park yesterday and he was enthralled. We know how much he loves his wooden trains and tracks but we weren’t sure how that would translate to electric powered trains that you can’t slam into things or zoom around with your hands.

His interest was unwavering. We had to pick him up and get him as close as possible to nearly every layout in the place. And it was jam packed with people. And not all of them were nerdy or redneck-esque. I was suprised. But I suppose I shouldn’t allow myself to be taken in by stereotypes…

We let him pick out a beginner set in HO scale, it’s what TJ’s always worked with and we have several items already to go with it. Besides I like to call them “Ho” scale in stead of “H-O” like you’re supposed to. We thought for sure he’d pick one of the Thomas the Tank Engine sets they had on display. But he shocked us when he picked out a set that held Union Pacific trains. How could we say no to that?

We came home from Trainfest, dumped Micah in bed for a nap, and TJ took some measurements and left for LesboMart, also known as Home Depot, for a large sheet of plywood.

I’ve decided to chronicle the project here. There’s a Picasa album set up and when the project is complete, I’ll probably put a short movie together. Enjoy.

Train Project 1

Comment if you want. You know, no pressure.

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