We’s Still Married

I was going to name the next post I wrote “You’re a Cracker!” but since it’s our 3rd wedding anniversary, I figured I’d go with something a bit more appropriate. I always wanted to yell out “I’s married now!” when I got hitched, and I did. In the elevator after our ceremony. It was funny. To me, anyway. And since it was just me and TJ in the elevator, there was no one there to critique me.

We don’t celebrate this anniversary. Not really. We acknowledge it and try to keep track of how many years it’s been, but usually we can’t even remember what month it takes place. I thought it was June, so did my mom when she called us last month to wish us a happy one, and TJ seems to think it’s in August. It was a very positive, and emotional, experience for us but we keep our original anniversary for celebrating. We got together because we loved each other; we got married because we wanted to do everything in our power to make sure that everyone in our families knew that we were serious about our relationship and that it should be respected in the same way any other married couple should have their relationship respected. It was before I adopted Micah, so we wanted to send a clear message that we are a family. No doubts should remain. If anything should happen to either of us, even though we don’t have any legal relationship between us in the US of A, we want our wished honored and not contested.

Anyway, enough about that crap. I love my wife and feel truly lucky to have her in my life. Not sure who she pissed off to get stuck with me, but I made out like a bandit. A good, smart bandit who gets away with a really big heist and retires somewhere in the tropics.

So let me quickly fill you in on the “Cracker” thing. TJ and Micah were playing this game all day Sunday where Micah would tell TJ that she was some object, like a sock or a chair or a bean or something like that and TJ would respond in kind. It wasn’t mean or nasty or anything derogatory, just looking around and picking out things to use. Late in the afternoon, we were having a snack and Micah called TJ something or other and TJ yells out “You’re a cracker!” Well, we look at each other and she quiety says “There’s a box of crackers on the cabinet! I wasn’t calling him a cracker!” It was funny because she used to call me her cracker girlfriend. You know, when she’s pumping up about being a quarter Cherokee and I’m just a chick whose relatives all come from Eastern Block countries. So it was funny. Micah didn’t get it and we’ll ensure he doesn’t for quite awhile yet.

Alright then, I’m done for now. Going to watch some episodes of Xena: Warrior Princess on Netflix. Oh, before I forget, Erin and I will be taping the second episode of Luv Guru on Friday so look for it to be uploaded early next week. We’re going to be working on getting a show done every other week. I also think I’ll be posting them here. Maybe. Maybe not. We’ll see.

Comment if you want. You know, no pressure.

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