An Ecclectic Mix – A Day Late

Yesterday was hectic – both at work and at home – so I didn’t get a chance to post  my shuffle. But, lucky for you, I write them on paper and post them later. Here we go!

  1. El Negrito Com and Al Nino Le Gusta El Son – Xiomar Laugart Something that starts with a “W” that I can’t read on the screen – World Music for Little Ears. Nice lullaby in Spanish. I only catch words here and there. Sounds like a little boy likes rice and dancing and something about a spoon. Sorry, I’m out of practice. By the way, this whole CD is really nice. Micah listens to it regularly when he goes to bed. We found it at the library.
  2. Tears Dry On Their Own – Amy Winehouse – Back to Black. Probably my favorite song on the CD. I love her voice and her musical style. I hope she can het her personal shit together. She’s a talented woman.
  3. Tell Me – Vesta – Posse Soundtrack. Another of the CDs from that other guy. I picked up a CD of Vesta’s while we were still living in Okinawa. I loved it but TJ hated it. I think she’s got a very pretty voice. This song is nice. I’ll keep it on the iPod. Although she could reign in the scat a bit at the end. I’ve had enough of it and there’s still another minute left. I’ve changed my mind – I’m fast forwarding and deleting it.
  4. Santa Baby – Eartha Kitt – Starbuck’s Holiday: Santa Baby ’06. I love her voice. Man she was sexy as hell. I don’t care if it’s a Christmas song, I’ll listen the whole way through.
  5. Sinfonia for Strings in C, R. 111a:1. Allegro – Andre Marcon & Venice Baroque Orchestra – Sinfonia for Strings. It’s beautiful. I love classical music, particularly Baroque. Someday’s it’s all I listen to. I was heartbroken when the local classical station was taken off the air last year.

Comment if you want. You know, no pressure.

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