Moved the Shuffle Back

Don’t care what Erin says, I’m moving the shuffle back to the main page. It sucks to have to scroll down to see the latest entry. So forget it. And here’s my shuffle for the day.

  1. Waste Management – Sarah Silverman – The Best Uncensored… (something I can’t see but it’s the Crank Yankers CDs). Hilarious! Sarah is informing an elderly couple that they need to reduce the amount of solid waste coming from their house. They get pretty pissed off when she tells them that they’re “crapping way over your quota.” Very funny potty humor – literally.
  2. Hundred – The Fray – How to Save a Life. Nice opening that’s very classical sounding piano. Very pretty song that I look forward to hearing again.
  3. In the Rain – Kenny G – Breathless. I forgot to take Kenny off of the iPod. I liked him 20 years ago but have been over him a long time now. Don’t get me wrong, it’s very nice music. Just not something I enjoy very much or would purposefully select. I like my jazz a little more, well, jazzy – not easy listening.
  4. Confidential – Aswad – Too Wicked. Good way to shake the remnants of Kenny G. Great reggae beat and Im fond of the singers’ voices. I’m not familiar with this particular song, but I’ve been known to enjoy Aswad.
  5. Jesu, Joy of Mans Desiring – Marie-Claire Alain – The Wedding Album: The Ultimate Collection…(something else I can’t see on the screen). From one of the hundreds of CDs we got from a guy TJ used to work with. Just haven’t gotten around to deleting it yet. I keep waiting for the bride to walk down my aisle of cubicles. Ugh! Fast forwarding now.

One thought on “Moved the Shuffle Back

  • June 18, 2008 at 1:15 pm

    1- Mama Afrika, Akon – Sweet reggae beat. Good lyric. A bit of a flashback.
    2- Love Rain, Mos Def & Jill Scott – Open mic style poem + Sweet Jill Scott + the Mighty Mos Def + Frank lyrics about relationships and love = Smooth Hotness
    3- The Light, Common – Another very real love track. Frank and honest. “A relationship is effort and I will match your work.” A little too much god talk for me, but still good.
    4- Finale B, Rent: The original Motion Picture Soundtrack – Awesome show, the first I ever saw on Broadway. This track is a reprise of a number of the best bits of the show. Awesome! “No day but today.”
    5- Throw Some Ds Remix, Rich Boy ft. Andre 3000, Lil Flip, Murphy Lee – Garbage with a wack hook. I don’t even remember putting this on there. Not Andre’s best work, but Murph Lee comes through ok.

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