Ending Week Three

On Christmas Eve, my brothers and I sat in the kitchen of our parents’ house and talked about body image issues, weight, and motivation. My older younger brother maintains a good, healthy weight, eats fairly well, and feels pretty good about his body and where he’s at physically. My younger brother and I are in the same boat with feeling fat, unattractive, and while not powerless to change, not having enough motivation to do much about it. Yes, we’re aware of all the things we need to do and should do but that knowledge doesn’t help much when you feel like you’re just going to fail again.

Marcus and I love each other – always have – but we don’t spend much time together and don’t seem to have loads in common. He’s the baby and I’m the oldest – I’ve got 10 years on him. I left home when he was about 7 years old so I missed him growing up. I kept up on what was going on in his life through our mother so I knew that he was a talented athlete and he did very well in football and diving throughout high school and college. What I’m finding out now is that he’s also a great coach and motivator.

Today ended our first three weeks of going to the gym together. I don’t think I could be happier with our decision to get up well before the crack of dawn and head out into the insane cold to sweat and suffer. I’m excited to see where we’ll be in another month.

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Worked hard today!

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