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Ten Little Lesbians - Kate McLachlan, Shawn Marie Bryan

I got a free copy of the audiobook from the publisher today and thought I’d jump on in and give it a shot. So here are my first impressions…

First off, I didn’t realize this when I responded to the publishers post to get a free copy, but I know the narrator. I’ve exchanged a few emails with her regarding a podcast I co-own but that’s about it. Still, I think she’s really nice and she’s got a great, smooth voice for radio.

That being said, the narration feels sort of stiff in most places. What I mean is that, the diction is so crisp that it sometimes feels like I’m being read to by one of my text-to-speech readers. One with a much, MUCH nicer voice but still very precise. I’m sorry – I know I’m super picky and hard to please. I know this. But if other folks are too, then they may want to know what to expect going in.

As far as the story goes, I’m liking it mostly so far. It’s too early to tell much more than there’s history between some of the women and history-in-the-making for others. I’m certainly interested enough to keep on going.

Thanks to Regal Crest for the freebie!

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