Big Changes

Usually after so many months of posting, nothing much really happens in my life to share. But not this time! It’s been a very busy time for The Fuller Family.

The biggest change is that we’ve moved. We found a gorgeous home with plenty of room for humans and pups alike. We’d been looking casually since the beginning of summer and visited more than ten properties before we saw what we’ve taken to calling Rhodes House. Yeah, it’s not an estate or anything but there’s a reason for the name.

When we looked at the pictures of the listing online, we loved the open layout and the fact that it has a huge yard. We also loved the location since it’s just a few minutes from my big little brother and much closer to Micah’s school and lots of shopping options but on a quiet street next to a huge park. Long story short, we visited the house a few times, fell in love with it, and decided that it would be a great home for us. The other thing that happened was that we got to meet with the owner on each visit, which isn’t normally how things are done. The Rhodes family lived here for more than twenty years and it was obvious that they loved this house and yard very, very much.

Within the past year, Mr. Rhodes passed away and Mrs. Rhodes’ health was deteriorating. It was becoming more and more difficult for Mrs. Rhodes to take care of herself and the home. Each time we met with her, she would take us through different areas of the yard and tell us about the various trees and plants. Her bookshelves were filled with volumes about gardening and birds. There were paintings on all the walls with an artist’s signature reading “Rhodes.” It was obvious that there had been much love shared in this home for many, many years. It was palpable as we moved from room to room. It just felt good to be in the space, surrounded by positive energy. The more time we spent at the property, and with her, the more certain we grew that we needed to have this house.

We’ve been officially moved in for less than a month and we’re already completely in love. Even our scared-of-everything dog Abby is checking out every area of the house where she would normally be curled up in a safe space. There’s something about this house that makes her feel safe and secure and brings out the playful, ornery pup she never got to be.

There’s still lots of stuff for us to do and it’s going to take many months to get it done, but we’re not in a rush. We’re enjoying adding Fuller Family touches and figuring out where things should go. In many ways, this is our dream house and we’re looking forward to carrying on the happy and peaceful environment that the Rhodes Family created.

Here are a few links to photo collections of the house if you’re interested in checking them out:

The listing pics and one of the morning after our first snow here.

Some updates

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  • November 24, 2015 at 10:51 am

    I’m so glad you guys got to take over something like that. From loving family to loving family!

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